Please Read Before Placing Orders!!!

Please Read Before Placing Orders!!!

COVID-19 Shipping Delays & Products Out Of Stock!!!

Material Shortages due to COVID-19 are causing product shortages all over the world!!! This means that items which are normally in stock are back ordered or indefinitely not available. 

In addition to these shortages, we are also experiencing massive shipping delays. All of the major shipping carriers are simply overwhelmed and moving slow. 

Bottom line....orders will take longer than normal to be shipped and arrive to you!!!  

Most in stock items should ship in 7-10 business days. At the time they are shipped, they will ship via the method you selected.

Please note that UPS, Fedex, USPS, in short all of the major carriers are not “Guaranteeing” expedited shipping services. This means if you place an order and you select an expedited shipping method and your item does not arrive in the time promised, we are unable to refund you for the shipping cost. 

We strongly recommend that you contact us before ordering!!!

We will be happy to confirm product availability as well if the item is custom manufactured we can confirm production time!!!

We also strongly recommend that you plan accordingly. Plan early, purchase early!!!

Please note that as a result of Covid-19 All of the shipping carriers are not guaranteeing expedited shipping services!!! This means that if you pay for overnight and the item takes 2 days to get to you, "they" will not refund you shipping fees!!!

Our preferred method of communication is via email. we constantly monitor and reply as quickly as we can to our emails.

Our next preferred method of communication is  via our phone line. 240-508-1449 We are currently under staffed and have our ringer turned off so that we can get some work accomplished. In the case that we do not answer, please, please, please leave us a voice mail. This voice mail is sent via email & text to our staff which will return your call as quickly as humanly possible. 

Please note our policy. We do not offer refunds or exchanges. For any reason!!! 

So please understand that by placing your order on line with us you are accepting and abiding by our terms and conditions.

We thank you for your business and we wish you to be safe with your family.