2RZ 3RZ ARP PRO 1/2" Head Stud Kit for Toyota Tacoma & Hilux

2RZ 3RZ ARP PRO 1/2" Head Stud Kit for Toyota Tacoma & Hilux

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Paradise Racing Exclusive!!!

ARP PRO 1/2" Head Stud Kit for Toyota Tacoma 2RZ & 3RZ engines.

These are are custom made for Paradise Racing!!!

These are a great step in between the standard size ARP Head Studs and our L-19 1/2" head studs!!!

These are the ones you MUST use if you plan on running more than 35-40 psi!!!

These are 1/2" size and require modifications to your head & block!!!

Your head will have to be drilled and your block will have to be drill and tapped for 1/2" threads.

Engineered for high boost applications, these Pro series studs from ARP are cold-forged to ensure molecular integrity. They are heat-treated prior to thread rolling and machining and are rated at a whopping 190,000 psi. The Pro series kits are also available with 12-point nuts, and all kits come complete with hardened parallel washers for an even load distribution and accurate torque readings.

We have used these head studs to support 60psi!!! 

Have questions??? Need advice??? Hit us up!!! 240-508-1449