AMS-2000 Base Model

AMS-2000 Base Model

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That's right!!! The long awaited AMS-2000 Base Model Boost controller is now available and ready to ship!!!


AMS-2000 Base Model

The Base Model is laptop programmable and offers the ultimate in tunability to your boost curve at an affordable price!!!

10 Control Strategies:

  • Time Based

  • Shift

  • Variable Voltage(Ex. Gear Position Sensor)

  • Engine Rpm

  • TPS

  • Air Fuel

  • Pressure( Ex. Back Pressure)

  • Shaft Rpm ( Turbo Speed, DriveShaft Rpm, Any RPM signal)


  • Air Temp

* Data Logging Included!!!!

* The Base Unit does not include the 5 position Remote Switch nor the G Meter. It does not allow you to do any Offset Capabilities nor will you have access to the Aux Channel.

We now offer upgrades for;

-Remote Switch

-G Meter (logs acceleration and lateral G's only)

-Offset Capability

-Aux channel and relay outputs

The Base Unit comes standard with; 100psi Sensor, Solenoid Unit, Wire Harness & Instruction Manual!!!

We do carry a full line of CO2 Bottles & Regulators as well as Quick Connect Fittings, Tial Blow Off Valves & Waste Gates to make your install complete!!!