Arias Pistons Nissan KA24DE 2.4L 16 Valve

Arias Pistons Nissan KA24DE 2.4L 16 Valve

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Arias Pistons Nissan KA24DE 2.4L 16 Valve


Arias Pistons Nissan KA24DE 2.4L 16 Valve

All of our piston kits include rings and wrist pins!!!

Paradise Racing has partnered with Arias Pistons to bring you the best in after market pistons for the Toyota platforms.


  • Hi-tensile forged, not cast, billet material (4032 or 2618).

  • CNC machined working surfaces.

  • Optimized crowns for efficient combustion.

  • Diamond-turned ellipsoidal skirt profile.

  • Performance street & track pistons feature lightweight, high strength construction.

  • Heavy duty pistons feature durable design for turbos, blowers & nitrous.

What’s in a name?

About Arias Pistons

If the name is ARIAS, it is over forty-three years of forged piston innovation that has set the standard for piston performance. Founded in the workshop and on the racetrack by Nick Arias Jr. in 1969, ARIAS PISTONS blends its unique experience, state-of-the-art equipment, engineering excellence and dedicated team to produce pistons that have forged a reputation for power!

The ARIAS Difference

In addition to decades of manufacturing experience and the knowledge gained from powering countless champions, the ARIAS team has designed, manufactured and built our own engines, crewed and raced our own vehicles, and gathered priceless information from our own research, development and testing. The proprietary knowledge derived from this focus on R&D is passed on to our customers in every one of our products. With ARIAS, you are benefiting from 60-plus years of proprietary internal-combustion engine experience.

Our Promise

In a world of hostile takeovers and faceless corporate buyouts, it’s reassuring to know you’re doing business with a company that flourishes under its original management – one that has endured the test of time. The fact is: anyone can acquire the machinery and raw materials to make and sell pistons. However, not everyone can supply the technical and real-world experience to make those pistons function properly – ARIAS can! The promise we make to you is that we will continue to work as hard today as we did the day the company was founded to produce state-of-the-art pistons that are competitively priced.