2RZ 3RZ Paradise Racing Stage 4 Spec WebCamShafts

2RZ 3RZ Paradise Racing Stage 4 Spec WebCamShafts

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2RZ 3RZ Paradise Racing Stage 4 Spec WebCamShafts

Are you looking for the highest horse power producing cams available on the market for the Toyota Tacoma & Hilux 2RZ & 3RZ engines???

Well look no further!!!

These are the beast Mode Cams!!!! The very Same Ones we use to make over 1800hp on the World Record Setting Paradise Racing Celica!!!

Warning!!!! Our Stage 4 Cams require the use of our Supertech Performance XL Shim Under Buckets!!!!

Have questions??? Do not buy before you contact us!!! Let us help and guide you in the right direction!!!!

Paradise Racing has been working hand in hand with WEBCAMS for over 12 years developing some custom grinds that are not available anywhere else!!!

No copy paste here!!!

Why WebCams??? Because they are the best. Period!!!

Each and everyone of our cam grinds has been tested and proven!!!

From street to strip, from mild to balls to the walls, from Stick Shift to Auto, from Normally Aspirated to Turbo and Super Charged.........we got you covered!!!

You didnt know theres a difference in your cams between Automatic to Stick??? Or Supercharged to Turbocharged??? Well....we do and we will make sure you get what you need!!!

P.S. Very very very important!!! We do not give out our cam specs!!! We have worked very hard for years to figure out what works and what does not and we will not give that information away.

We will provide you with what you need. Valve Lash Clearances and thats it Laughing

Need Valvetrain Components??? Paradise Racing has you covered!!! Contact us about a Package Deal for your application!!!