Push To Connect Fittings T to 1/8"MPT

Push To Connect Fittings T to 1/8"MPT

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Push To Connect Fittings T to 1/8" MPT T

1/4" Tubing to 1/4" Tubing to 1/8"MPT T

These Handy little fittings have been used for years in commercial and transportation pneumatic applications for years and now they are very popular in the motorsports world!!!

They can be used to connect many components in boosted applications. Such as:

    • Blow Off Valves

    • Waste Gates

    • Boost Controllers

    • Boost Gauges

    • Fuel Pressure Regulators

    • Parachutes

    • CO2

and much more!!!!

Able to support pressures up to 150psi and temperatures of 140*f, Paradise Racing has sourced out, tested and provides a quality product that is strong enough to live through the rigors of performance motor sports.