Browell Bellhousing Mazda 13B & 20B

Browell Bellhousing Mazda 13B & 20B

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Browell Bellhousing Mazda 13B & 20B

Browell 6.3 SFI Certified Aluminum Bellhousing for Mazda 13B

This is the very same bellhousing used in some of the fastest 13B & 20B powered cars in the world!!!

8 5/8" deep light weight aluminum construction reduces weight yet is strong enough to support 2000hp!!!

      • Available for G-Force & Liberty Transmissions!!!

      • Will Work with 7.25", 7.5" & 8" Single, Dual & Triple Disc Clutch Kits!!!

      • 8 5/8 Deep

      • Light Weight Aluminum!!!

      • Reduced Weight Yet Just as Strong!!!

      • Optional Cross Shaft Kit Available

    Optional Cross Shaft Kit Available. Includes Cross Shaft, Candle Stick with Computer Pick Up, Fork, Cross Shaft Bung and Hardware $750.00

    Si necesitan asistencia, por favor danos una llamadita!!!

    Bellhousing unit includes Block and Transmission Patterns, Liner, Crosshaft Holes, Inspection Hole, Adjuster Slot with Covers, Starter Pocket and Dust Tube (if applicable). Also includes 1/2" tabs and bushings installed with current SFI 6.3 bolt upgrade.

    Well guys, with the new updates to the NHRA Safety Rules, if you have a Mazda Rotary Engine Powered Car 12A, 13B or 20B and it runs 9.99 or faster or it runs 135mph or faster, you will need an SFI Spec 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, or 9.1 Bell Housing!!!

    Thats right!!!

    SFI Spec 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, or 9.1 Bell Housing for Mazda Rotary Engine Powered Cars 12A, 13B or 20B and it runs 9.99 or 135mph or faster!!!

    NHRA Ruling-1


    Currently any order placed for a Browell Bellhousing is taking 8-10 weeks from the date the order is paid for. due to this, these bellhousings are considered "Custom" and are not eligible for refunds.