System 1 Oil Filter for Toyota 2RZ & 3RZ

System 1 Oil Filter for Toyota 2RZ & 3RZ

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A combined project of Paradise Racing & System1 Filters

We present to you our Hi-Flow Performance Filter for the Toyota Tacoma & Hilux 2RZ & 3RZ engines!!!!


No longer will you have to run to the auto parts store or to the dealerships to buy your replacement oil filter. No longer will you waste money on oil filters!!!

Had a bad day at the track and your wondering if you damaged bearings???
Don’t take a chance of getting hurt cutting open your old filter!!!

The HF2RZ3RZ-1 can be opened up, inspected, cleaned and put back together for your next record setting pass!!!

Unlike your old restrictive “””Paper Element””” Filters, the HF2RZ3RZ-1 has a Hi-Flow Stainless Steel Mesh Element. The result of this is an increase in oil pressure of 8 to 12 psi and an increase in flow of 10 to 12 gpm!!!

So this is a win win situation!!!!

We are offering introductory pricing!!!

Filter only $175.00 with free shipping in the U.S.

Discounted shipping to our friends in PR, AU, NZ and all over the world available!!!!

Hit us up quick as initial stock units are already running out!!!!