Traum Pistons Tacoma Hilux 2RZ-FE

Traum Pistons Tacoma Hilux 2RZ-FE

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Traum Pistons 2RZ-FE 

Traum Pistons for Toyota
Tacoma Hilux 2RZ-FE

Paradise Racing has partnered with Traum Pistons to bring you the best in after market pistons for the Toyota platforms.

The Toyota RZ engine has been our baby and with over 17 years of Research & Development, we have come up with some amazing and extremely functional piston configurations.

We have tested these our selves and along with the engineering staff at Traum Pistons, we would like to offer you our finished products.

We offer your choice of bore & compression ratio.

All of our piston kits include rings and wrist pins!!!  

    • Hi-tensile forged, not cast, billet material (4032 or 2618).

    • CNC machined working surfaces.

    • Optimized crowns for efficient combustion.

    • Diamond-turned ellipsoidal skirt profile.

    • Performance street & track pistons feature lightweight, high strength construction.

  • Heavy duty pistons feature durable design for turbos, blowers & nitrous